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Sydney Sidner

WRITING? STUCK? Whatever you’re writing – book or script – I will speed and clarify your process and help you make it what it should be – whether your work is still in its preliminary stages or in the home stretch.

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Sydney’s Work

“I can’t begin to imagine my career without Syd Sidner. Without her help I would never have written both the novel, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, and the subsequent film." -Peter Hedges, Writer/Director

What I Can Do For You


  • Do you have an idea for a book but have no idea how you might structure or execute it?
  • Do you have a draft of a manuscript you need feedback on?



  • Have you always wanted to understand how to structure a feature length narrative?
  • Do you have a first draft (at least 90 pages of a screenplay) that you need feedback on before you revise it?
  • Do you have a script you need one more set of eyes on before you get it to an agent or producer or produce it yourself?



  • Do you want to learn the fundamentals of structuring a pilot for network or cable?
  • Do you need feedback on a spec script of an existing show?



  • Once we have discussed your goals and your material– we will agree on an appropriate cost.